88 gallery

25 quai Voltaire
75007 Paris


At the 25 Quai Voltaire in Paris, Maison Rapin displays a selection of contemporary furniture and objects, reflection of bold artistic choices, alongside icons of the 20th century Decorative Art.

This atypical space, located in front of the Louvre, is an invitation to discover unique pieces: creations of major artists such as Robert Goossens (1927-2016), Coco Chanel’s and Yves Saint-Laurent’s faithful goldsmith, pieces from Jean Després (1889-1980) including silver tableware or jewels, and KAM TIN creations, the jewel furniture brand of unique pieces covered in gemstone cabochons.

In this unique space, Marc Bankowsky and his bronze furniture are exhibited as well, as are Roberto Giulio Rida and his vintage glass creations, and the monumental works in Chinese imperial porcelaine by the American artist Ryan Labar.

All these treasures cohabit with the sculpted paintings by the British Marc Cavell (1911-1989), major artist of the Op Art. 

A prolific gallery where styles and periods collapse, creating a universe both modern and baroque.

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