Anne-Marie Paul

ANNE-MARIE PAUL (1949-2005)


1949              Birth in Nice.

1965              At 16, Anne Marie Paul decides to leave school to devote herself exclusively to drawing and painting.

1967              Meeting with Alexandre CALDER and Jo DAVIDSON.

1968              In Saint-Paul-de-Vence, meeting with Joan MIRÓ and Aimé MAEGHT who buys several gouaches.
                     Work in MIRÓ’s workshop.

1969              Join the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
                     Meet Georges MATHIEU who becomes a close friend.
                     Stay at Saché at Alexandre CALDER. he gives her a workshop to work and gives advice.
                     First sculptures made of terracotta.
                     Meeting with CÉSAR with whom she works and participates in the development of certain works.

1970-1973     Sharing the studio of Louis CHAVIGNIER then that of Étienne MARTIN.
                     Participates in the Young Sculpture Salon, at the Salon des Independents and at the Salon de Mai where she meets Claude VISIEUX. He designates her to leave for Villa Medici.

1974-1976     Resident at the Villa Medici of Rome under the direction of BALTHUS, she befriends FELLINI, Sergio LEONE.             
                     Participates in the casts of the Niobides for the creation of the Balthus Fountain at Villa Medici.

1977              Return to Touraine to work and moved to the property of CALDER following his death.

1981              First trip to the USA.

1984              Exhibition of his sculptures in New York and Los Angeles as part of Art Expo.

1985              Exhibition in New York.

1986              Exhibition in Los Angeles.

1988              Appointed at the University of Paris VIII as a teacher and artist where she obtained her own studio.

1989-2003     Exhibitions in the USA and Europe.

2005              Death of Anne-Marie Paul in Paris.


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