marc bankowsky



When violence renewed the beds of men on earth,
A very old tree, with dry leaves, resumed the thread of his maxims ...
And another senior tree rose from the already large underground Indies
With its magnetic leaf and its load of new fruits.
Saint-John Perse

After studying at the National School of Decorative Arts and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, Marc Bankowsky first practiced painting. His meeting with the painter José Fabri-Canti lead to found in Corsica Cyrne Arte, a phalanstery bringing together visual artists, actors and musicians. Sculpture, ceramic, mosaic, brassware and ironware workshops, settled in the village of Balagne. He learnt the fresco and mosaic and kept its course while participating in the organization of the first Corsican music festival.

In the 70’s, Marc returned to Paris after a visit to Switzerland, where he discoverd and learnt weaving. Huge hanging cocoons, the "Platforms", borned of his imagination, met a huge success, especially in the biennial of tapestry in Lausanne. For its opening, the Centre Georges Pompidou commissioned a monumental work installed at the entrance. His taste for modeling led him in the 80’s to work bronze, which he vows since, reviving its mythological roots. Peter Marino then asked him to make stools and goldsmith objects for Christian Dior.

The forces of nature, through the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms, become furniture and bronze, plaster and resin objects, seducing renowned designers as well as private clients in USA, Europe and Asia.