roberto giulio rida



Roberto Giulio Rida was born in 1943 in Milan. Facing a solitary youth due to the many moves of his family, the taciturn child draw and collect small sculpted objects. His aunt, an educated woman and artist, encouraged him to visit museums, churches and historical sites. Later, he attended the Brera Academy where he was a brilliant student. But the necessities of life forced him to take odd jobs to survive until his military service. On his return, he began trading art objects. He moved to Venice as an antique dealer and frequents Murano masters who teached him for eight years the craft of glass. In 1973, he returned to Milan, where he specialized in the Arts of the twentieth century. In parallel, he has created lightings and furniture covered with cut glass and crystal. Today Roberto Giulio Rida is an accomplished and atypical artist. Regardless of the artistics movements, he invites the visitor in a strange world where science fiction collide with the Italian Renaissance and the intensity of a mineral light.


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