Jean Boggio

Jean Boggio, born in 1963, is a contemporary French jeweler-silversmith whose creativity is inspired by mythical tales and childhood dreams. His beginnings in the world of jewelry date back to 1980, and by 1984, he opened his first workshop in Lyon.

It was in 1988, through an exhibition at the prestigious Grand Palais in Paris, that Jean Boggio’s name began to shine, carried by his “palace rings,” which became symbols of his artistic genius. These bold pieces earned him instant recognition in the exclusive circle of high jewelry.

From 1990, Jean Boggio expanded his exploration to decorative arts, participating in renowned exhibitions such as “Scènes d’intérieur” in Paris. His talent flourished in a variety of fields and materials, ranging from porcelain to trimmings, crystal, and earthenware. Among his recurring themes are “the jungle” and “the circus,” reflecting his boundless imagination and attraction to adventure- and magic-rich worlds.

Over the years, he established partnerships with leading French tableware houses, and from 2006 to 2012, Jean Boggio served as artistic director for the “Jean Boggio for Franz” brand.

Concurrently, he also held the artistic direction of the Haviland manufacture in Limoges for four years. In 2008, to celebrate his twenty years of creation, the Adrien-Dubouché National Porcelain Museum in Limoges paid tribute to him with a dedicated retrospective, highlighting his significant impact in the field of artistic craftsmanship.

His artistic journey continued with large-scale projects, such as his artistic direction for the TTF high jewelry brand from 2013 to 2014, as well as his participation in prestigious exhibitions in Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

In 2017, to mark his thirty-year career milestone, nearly 400 of his works were auctioned, testifying to the recognition and value of his work in the world of art and craftsmanship.

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Work of Jean Boggio

Ring Vérone

Jean Boggio, 2022

Ring La Vénitienne

Jean Boggio, 2022

Ring Architectura

Jean Boggio, 2022

Jungle Bracelet

Jean Boggio, 2022

Jungle pendant

Jean Boggio, 2021

Marmoset Chair

Jean Boggio, 2022